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Why do I need to read about Sports Therapy now?  I’m not injured….

We’ve got a few questions for you:
1.     Have you had a good season?
Have you had an injury free season?
Are you looking to improve for next season?
Do you know if your body is performing at its best?

We appreciate this isn’t an X-Factor audition, but hopefully you’ve got 4 “yes’s”!  However, most people may have 3 “yes’s” and possibly a “no”?  Some 2 of each and let’s hope no body falls into just answering “yes” to question 3.

We’ve bought into the philosophy of The Triathlon Hub and are here to offer you Sports Therapy advice with hands-on treatment should you require it.  We know that the science behind performing better can be complex and sometimes hard to make work, so we believe that if you do the simple things right, i.e. look after your body, then everything else will fall into place. 

If you answered “no” to questions 2 & 4, then please take a moment to consider whether you could benefit from having the equivalent of an MOT so that you can enter an intense training regime with your body primed and prepared to take the exercise you are going to give it. 

Some of the unseen benefits of Sports Massage Therapy are often the most important, such as restoring muscular condition, balance and elasticity; unfortunately what no one can promise is that you won’t get injured, but by trusting your body to someone who can gauge, assess and feedback to you what your current state is, as well as being able to offer you advice on how to make improvements on your current condition, then you’re doing all you can to realise your goals for next year.

We have experience of working with athletes from many disciplines, but in particular, we know and understand the particular mental and mechanical stresses that Triathlon and multi-sport events place on your body.  What we also know is that you have to work 5 days a week (for some anyway), so whilst we’d all like to be professional athletes with access to daily treatments and siesta’s at 2pm, the reality is that we’re not and we have to train when tired mentally, train when tired physically, train when cold and train when stressed.  These conditions can lead to injury, so our philosophy is to give individual advice and treatment before injuries occur.

Hopefully you see a Therapist already to keep you in good order, so please feel free to share information on injuries you may have had and what worked best for you – often it’s the tell-tale signs of an injury in the making that are the most important signals to act upon, so please tell us what you’ve experienced and we’ll also be here to give you relevant information on what to look for.  We work closely with Paul to give him feedback on what we find so he can monitor you and help you in more ways than one…

Here’s to a brilliant season of training for 2014!