Montane Lakeland 100 & 50, July 2013

Well, that was something a bit special I think you’d all agree!  What an event!!  The weather was fantastic, the atmosphere was a bit special and then the rain arrived at 10pm – bit of a shame and it changed the atmosphere a bit; the focus changed from dehydration to dehydration and hypothermia which was a shame and the crowd moved inside, but the vibe was still there and each and every competitor received a rapturous welcome as soon as they were in the building!

We were kept really busy trying to loosen off some extremely tired muscles, so we adapted ourselves to soothe the aching limbs and bring people back round to planet earth.  We were overwhelmed by the effort all the competitors had put in and it was a real pleasure to see everyone leave our tent feeling better and able to shuffle to their showers/beds a little more easily than when they’d fallen onto our treatment couches.  Some of the tales of pushing on through extremely traumatised injuries were almost beyond comprehension, but fortunately all will be recoverable with the right post-race rehab.  Concerns were raised at people with stress fractures who were unsure about what to do, so we did have to have a few sterner words with those guys to make sure they did the right thing for themselves – you know who you are!  Please get yourselves repaired…

We wanted to get more pictures taken, but as we were rushed off our feet, the camera got put away unfortunately.  Anyway, here are a few from behind the scenes and it was great working with Gary Wilkinson and John Warburton to the very small hours – who says you can’t pull a 19 hour Sports Therapy shift…?

We look forward to seeing you out at the remaining events, so we hope your training goes well and get in touch with us if you need advice on injury management – better to nip any problems in the bud wouldn’t you agree?!?!