Sports Therapy, Science Testing and Bike Fitting clinic now OPEN!

It’s been an incredibly busy few months what with getting everything ready at the Endurance Store in Appley Bridge and also supporting the Epic Events in the sun-kissed Lake District, but we’re now incredibly happy to announce that we’ve got our dedicated facility OPEN!

Before we go on, about us being OPEN 6 days a week, Monday to Saturday, how about we make you an introductory offer of £20 for your first Sports Massage treatment?  The only proviso being that you’ll need to bring a stick to bite down on once Jacqui (who works in the Store) gets a hold of your legs!  Richard’s a bit nicer…he brings his own sticks.

We don’t want to be boring here, but we’ve now got a great team of Sports Therapists, Performance Analysists and Coaches who have been brought together with the sole purpose of understanding how you currently train, compete and perform so that we can help you look for and find the ways that will help you maximise your performance on your efforts.  If it makes it easier, we’ve broken down our Services into the following:

Sports Therapy – Injury Rehab, Soft Tissue Improvement, Sports Massage, Postural Analysis, Personal Training and Event Support

Science Testing – Metabolic Testing, Nutrition Analysis, Performance Feedback, Coaching, Training Plans

Performance – Bike Fitting, Personalised Coaching, Training Schedules, Core Fitness, Winter Spin Classes

We are always present in support of Epic Events at the weekend’s, so feel free to come along and have a chat, discuss whether you’d like to know more about our services (a bike fitting session could be the answer to many an issue), and it’s also our intention to give you a free rub down (BYO bite stick)!  We will also usually be present at the Tuesday evening Duathlon and Open Water Wednesday’s at the 3 Sister’s Lake (email us if you can’t make it and have a question).  In all seriousness though, we understand the rigours, stresses and strains that a tri event (or double or single for that matter), place on the human body, so we are here to get to the cause of the problems and give you accurate feedback as to what’s happening and then help you out.

All our details are in the “Contact” section, so even if you’re not injured, why not take up the £20 offer and see if we can get you feeling in top shape by ironing some well used soft tissue fibre’s from your heavy training schedules, especially now the business end of the season is here.

We look forward to seeing you all soon!  Train hard, train smart and it will be a pleasure to sort your body’s out.

The Sports Therapy North West Team

p.s. Don’t forget your bite-stick…